A quick list of the best dog Collars out

A dog collar is important not only to make identification of an owned and stray dog easier, but also for the dogs’ own safety. It’s the only attire, if we put it like that, that every pet dog wears. So, it should not just have the tag and GPS, but also look stylish and feel comfortable too. Plus, you can hook on the leash and enjoy some rejuvenating walks with your pooch.

While the market is filled with a variety of dog collars, there is a perfect collar for each dog. Now, finding that one collar could be tricky, and so, here we are with some tips on choosing the right collar and a few good options.

Let’s begin.

Brushing up on the basics

  • Material: Plastic, leather, faux leather, nylon, canvas, denim – it won’t matter when you’re picking one. But having a good material ensures that the collar is durable, comfortable (we don’t want the neck to be chafed), a bit flexible, hypoallergenic, and less susceptible to biting. Cotton is comfortable, but not durable. However, it’s a good choice for a dog that enjoys water activities. The possibility of stinking and staining is also important to consider here.

  • Fastening and type: Buckles and Velcro are the most common ones. These mostly have a ring or two to hook leash and attach a tag. For bigger dogs, halters and harnesses are a better choice as they spread the pulling force to the entire body, instead of concentrating it at the neck and significantly reduce the risk of self-choking. Plastic and brass buckles and adjusters are better for water-loving dogs.

  • Size: Too tight and the dog would not be able to breathe and would get chafing. Too loose and the dog might easily get lose it, or worse, it could get stuck in his jaw. To find the right size, stick in two of your fingers. If you find it tight for yourself or if the dog seems uncomfortable, you need to go for the next bigger size.

  • Chemicals: Many collars are dyed or made with cheap material which is usually toxic. If not that, it might give your dog skin allergies. So, choose that wisely. A naturally tanned leather is the best bet here.

  • GPS, Reflective, and LED collar: We’d recommend each dog collar to have a pre-installed GPS. However, it’s up to you. LED collars with rechargeable battery is great if you and your dog like to trek or explore at night. It is also a good choice for dogs with dark fur. If LED is not your thing or seems over the top, you could go for reflective collars as they’ll also safeguard your dog against road accidents at night.

Dog Collar Sizes

Some great options to choose from

Soft Touch Collars Luxury Leather Padded Collar – It is not only beautiful, but comfortable too. Plus, it has color options!

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Illumiseen LED Dog Collar – Made with nylon and available in a range of sizes, this collar is reflective and is awesome for dark-furred dogs who love night-time walks.    Amazon link

Sentry Calming Collar for Dogs – This is a unique collar for dogs that have had a troubled past or deal with a lot of anxiety. The collar releases pheromones that act as calmers for the dog and help him lead a quality life.     Amazon link

Blueberry Pet Essentials – Available in 30+ colors, this is a classic collar with an option to personalize and is ideal for small and medium-sized dogs.     Amazon link

PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar – Does your pooch tends to pull and run away? This might be a good one for your dog then.      Amazon link

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