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Togo, guys! Freaking TOGO! Isn’t that an awesome word? TOGO! There’s a lot of snow in this movie. Like too much snow. But that doesn’t matter because it’s TOGO. I wanna run through the snow, but it might be cold. It looks cold in the movie, but when I pressed my nose against the TV screen it felt pretty warm, I’m not sure if that means anything. I’m still trying to figure that out. What I don’t have to figure out is how amazing this movie is. It’s amazing! All the dog does is run for the whole movie. There’s other dogs too that the main dog leads because he’s the fastest one. I wanna be a fast dog. I wanna go as fast as those cars that go down the street. Have you seen those things? They’re fast. It’s crazy how fast cars are. Why are they so fast? Is it because of the wheels? I wish I had wheels. I bet if I had wheels I’d be faster than TOGO. I love that word-- TOGO, TOGO, TOGO!!! That’s gotta be the best movie title ever. TOGO! I almost don’t want to talk about this movie and instead talk about how awesome the title is. I mean, think about it: TOGO! The whole time watching the movie, I kept repeating it over and over in my head, “Togo, Togo, TOGO!!!” I got so excited during the running scenes I started barking “Togo” in dog talk, which sounds like a regular bark to humans, but to me it sounds like “Togo!” Togo, guys, TOGO!!!

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The whole movie he’s running, running, running. Through storms, on ice blocks. This dog is crazy, and the dogs that follow him are even crazier for following him. Are these pooches out of their minds? I guess that’s what it’s like for Siberian Huskies. Maybe if I was a Siberian Husky I wouldn’t have a problem with snow, but that stuff looks cold. I like grass. I can run through grass, it’s soft on my paws. Ice is made of cold and I’d freeze my paws off. Icicles would grow from my nose. I wouldn’t like it. But it’s okay to see it on TV because the screen is warm, did I mention that? Why is the TV so warm? Hope it doesn’t get too warm, it might start a fire. What would happen if there was a fire? What would I do? Do I save my chew toys or my food first? That’s too hard to figure out. I don’t know what I would do. I can’t think about that stuff right now, I’d rather watch Togo again. TOGO!!!

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This movie was so great, really fun stuff. Probably my favorite movie ever, except for the parts with that William Devoe guy because he’s not a dog. Good actor, but not a dog, so he loses points. But I gave it a lot of thought, and I give Togo eighty-four bones! Four bones for the movie and eighty bones for the title. Togo, everybody. Togo! Freakin’ TOGO!!! TOOOOGOOOO!!! I love it, I love it, I love it!

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